Announcing OVA: VR Battles!

I’ve had some time to reflect on the future of OVA, and I decided it is high time to move away from the pencils and papers of yesteryear and fully embrace the future: video games! But too much “future” at one time is a risky proposition for a well-meaning time traveler, so I’m hedging my bets and adopting the Arduboy Arduino-powered 8-bit console. This little piece of hardware is the perfect compromise between the future of gaming and a little bit of its past, too. And since it’s hardly bigger than a credit card, it can go everywhere you go!

Wise Turtle’s first release will be OVA: VR Battles. Everyone’s favorite Missile Maiden Miho has been sucked into a virtual reality world and forced to battle cyber versions of friends and foes alike!

  • Hours of JRPG-inspired gameplay combined with classic OVA features
  • Roll the dice and time your button presses to make matches
  • Earn XP to upgrade Miho to your specifications and play-style
  • Play on a special OVA-branded Arduboy, shipping April 1st, 2019!

So are you excited? I know I am! Let me know what you think in the comments!